Chapter 1805: Jiang Chen’s Plans

Gu Yunjin was thrilled by the surprising news. Hope rekindled in his heart and drove away his deep despair.

Nevertheless, he kept a level head and worried. “Shao Yuan, you’re more admirable than many senior members of the sacred land for going to such lengths to help us, even though you’re just a recent addition. 

“Elder Ziju’s trust in you isn’t misplaced, and the same is true of the venerated forefather and the three primes. What a shame you weren’t given enough time to grow when this uprising broke out. Given another couple centuries, I’m sure the sacred land would be able to rise again with your help.”

Jiang Chen could tell that there must be trouble brewing within the faction. However, he didn’t poke for more information. It was impossible for everyone to remain loyal to the sacred land in the face of such a crisis. There was bound to be people abandoning or fleeing the sacred land, or even defecting to the enemy.

“Everyone has their own ambitions,...

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