Chapter 1804: An Acquaintance Barges In

The change of the guard had given the Vermilion Bird an opportunity to feed. Elder Xun and his lackeys were eaten wholesale in less than fifteen minutes.

“Not bad, not bad,” the bird remarked appreciatively.

“Old brother, there will be enough to eat for the both of you on the battlefield. I think you’ll have a much better shot at comprehending the divine realm after all’s said and done.” Jiang Chen could tell that the Vermilion Bird quite liked the situation.

“I think you’re right. I quite like things this way.” The Vermilion Bird was exuberant.

Jiang Chen got back his documents very quickly, then destroyed the rest of the dead’s effects. He did so in order to prove that the four of them hadn’t made any contact with Elder Xun at all. Dead men told no tales, thankfully, so their claims weren’t likely to be disputed.

The news was carried back very quickly.

Imperial Prince Shang was one of the first to hear. “What? Elder Xun and his men have all died? What about the Starlight who went to change them...

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