Chapter 1803: On Death’s Door

Jiang Chen's words sounded completely reasonable.

Elder Xun suspected nothing awry. "The current situation isn’t too optimistic. Though the sacred land has lost a lot of territory and suffered many casualties, its main force is still largely intact. Moreover, the defense of its great formation is difficult to break through. If we try to force our way through, we'll be trading a lot of men for just a minor dent."

"So, our offensive is all talk and no action?" Jiang Chen ventured.

"Not quite. Our alliance's biggest advantage is our numbers. We're gaining in size every day, while the sacred land can’t replenish its own ranks. We're completely fine for the long haul. The sacred land is slowly eating away at its stockpile of resources. Despite the resistance, it'll fall sooner or later."

When he got to this point, Elder Xun clapped Jiang Chen's shoulder. "Work hard,...

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