Chapter 1802: Entering the Sacred Land

The news spread with astounding, crazy speed; first within Eternal Divine Nation, then quickly transcending the border and reaching everywhere in the Ten Divine Nations. The entire Myriad Abyss was caught in a storm. A bomb had been set off with the status quo.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen snuck into the capital with Ah Hong’s help. It went more smoothly than he’d expected. The Starlight member was very cooperative and gave them a lot of cover smuggling them in.

The capital was in a city-wide hysteria. The imperial family had become the official ruler, and factions from all parts of the nation had banded under the royal banner to form an anti-sacred land alliance.

In the beginning, there were only six first-tier factions within the alliance. It continued to expand and bring many second-tier factions into its fold.

The alliance was far from a tightly-knit group. Many had actually been forced to join. The Starlight Sect, for example, was now stuck between a rock and a hard...

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