Chapter 1801: The Divine Nation Boils Over

Ah Hong was clearly a feisty one. He grit his teeth and brandished his weapon, then made a mad charge at Jiang Chen. The difference in strength between his enemy and himself was completely ignored.

Harrumphing softly, Jiang Chen shot a ray from his Evil Golden Eye at the remaining cultivator. Ah Hong’s body shook; he was restricted by an invisible force he couldn’t struggle free from, regardless of what he did.

“You… you…” Ah Hong’s tongue trembled. He glared angrily at Jiang Chen.

The young man had no desire to kill. Otherwise, Ah Hong would’ve become a golden statue in a hot second. What chance would he have had to speak?

“My magnanimity has a limit. I respect your authenticity and passion, Ah Hong. That’s why I left you alive. Do you want to die? If so, I can fulfill that request.” Jiang Chen also had another reason for leaving Ah Hong alive.

His Evil Golden Eye released its grip on the cultivator from the Starlight Sect. Ah Hong seemed to know the strength difference...

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