Chapter 1800: Making a Move

The conversation between the group had gradually touched upon Jiang Chen himself.

The Vermilion Bird smiled ponderously in the young man’s direction. The youth himself had a heavy heart. From what they’d overheard, rebellion had broken out quite a while ago. It just hadn’t managed to fully take down the Eternal Sacred Land yet.

Though the sacred land had lost a few battles and partially fallen—some having fled, some having been captured or slain—there was a group that used the sacred land’s great formation to resist still.

That was mixed news at best.

It seemed from the tone of the conversation that the imperial family and House Xiahou didn’t want word to get out. They still feared repercussions, despite how far they’d come.

Jiang Chen had his work cut out for him: he would do the opposite by spreading the news as far and wide as he could. It was easy enough to understand the wisdom of bringing an enemy’s greatest nightmare to fruition.

“Brother Dragon, I have a task for you. Find a place with as many people as possible and...

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