Chapter 180: Take a Master? I’m Really Not Interested

Chapter 180: Take a Master? I’m Really Not Interested

One had to say, one word from the honored tutor was more useful than any golden law or precious rule.

Qiao Shan and Qiao Chuan were brought over after a relatively short while. The two had obviously suffered much in the Black Dungeons, and they appeared a bit worse for the wear.

Tian Shao stepped out appropriately, “Fourth prince, younger brother Jiang, let me escort the Qiao brothers back.”

His mission had been completed, and it was now time to step out and lighten some of Jiang Chen’s burdens.

“Alright, General Tian, we’ll have to trouble you to make a trip.” Ye Rong nodded.

Qiao Shan and Qiao Chuan also knew that they had committed a mistake and didn’t dare meet Jiang Chen’s eyes. Jiang Chen walked over, patted their shoulders and said, “Let’s talk when we get back.”

First prince Ye Dai had come up short in two consecutive segments. Since he’d been left with dust on his face thanks to Ye Rong, for the moment he lacked interest in the proceedings for the time being.

Now that Jiang Chen had rescued the Qiao brothers, their previous plan of using the brothers to provoke Jiang Chen into a martial demonstration was also naturally in ruins.

The most intriguing thing was that the lordmaster had Dan Fei announce, “There will not be a martial demonstration for this year’s banquet. Everyone is free to drink and chat.”

After he made the announcement, the old tutor took the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine, led the Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon away and leisurely took his leave, leaving behind...

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