Chapter 1799: The Quartet from the Starlight Sect

The four from the Starlight Sect headed straight into a classier tavern, their expressions clouded. Jiang Chen and his two companions didn’t follow too closely, staying outside for a brief moment before entering.

Once inside, they swept the place with their consciousness and located the four from the Starlight Sect. They were in a booth near the window opening to the inner courtyard, a quiet corner away from the crowd.

Jiang Chen requested a booth near the four men. It was close enough that his party’s powerful consciousness could overhear the conversation in the other booth. After ordering some wine, they pretended to be regular patrons while eavesdropping without hesitation.

The disciples didn’t realize that they’d been targeted. They chugged down wine without a word.

After a moment of silence, the younger of the group slammed his cup down on the table and cursed, “Fucking hell, we’re so damn unlucky! Only four out of ten of us survived the mission, and those bastards from...

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