Chapter 1798: Returning to Eternal Divine Nation

The Vermilion Bird and Long Xiaoxuan’s companionship immensely bolstered Jiang Chen’s mentality. He found the same feeling of camaraderie he’d had in his days on the run all those years ago.

“Old brother Vermilion, Brother Dragon. Let’s make the most of our time here and really go all out. Old brother’s cultivation is at a bottleneck right now, and needs a new opportunity to break through to divine realm. Hell King Island isn’t enough anymore. I think you need to fight and absorb as much spirit energy as possible. Only then will you understand divinity and become a divine yourself!” Jiang Chen was in high spirits.

“You’re right. Battle will nurture me and feed me the power I need to break through. Many geniuses did this in the ancient times on their path of continuous self-improvement.” The Vermilion Bird sighed. “In terms of bloodline purity, perhaps mine isn’t as wholesome as Xiaoxuan’s true dragon blood. 

“Our good dragon here might be able to reach divinity through natural cultivation, but I need...

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