Chapter 1796: Willing to be a Slave

Boss Luo widened his eyes at the blades of Vermilion feathers blocking all of his escape routes. The slashes were too powerful for him to defend head-on. Even brief contact would likely kill him several times over.

Lu Che and the other elders had considered taking advantage of the chaos and running away, but they gave up on that when they saw the gang leader trapped by the blades. It suddenly dawned on them that the Vermilion Bird was far more powerful than they were, and could vanquish them as easily as swatting a fly.

Lu Che realized that the bird must’ve been the one that’d destroyed his Mortal Silken Threads.

Those from Warmspring had gone as pale as a sheet. Boss Luo cried out in witless horror, “Lu Che, you’re acting like this is none of your business, but it’s your turn after I die! If we fight together, some of us may be able to escape!”

He was still holding on the hope...

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