Chapter 1795: The Situation Completely Turns Around

The Vermilion Bird’s speed was frightfully astonishing. It’d arrived at the scene of the battle in the blink of an eye.

The group looked up at the sky with brows furrowed. The clouds looked as if they had caught fire, the flames spreading until the entire sky was set ablaze.

“What is that?” exclaimed one of the elders.

The white-browed elder’s expression turned severe. “Be careful. A formidable foe is coming.”

Even someone as ferocious as Boss Luo was paralyzed by the terrifying phenomenon. The killing intent in his eyes gave way to horror.

An endless sea of fire roiled and invaded their space. Out came a divine spirit with expanded wings that obscured the sun. Its graceful form stood out from the flame like a blooming lotus.

The Vermilion Bird had come to the rescue!

Its shriek reached the dome of the sky and stirred both heaven and earth. Winds gathered from all directions...

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