Chapter 1793: Mortal Silken Threads

A bird of fiery crimson roosted upon Hell King Island’s hottest volcanic peaks. The figure it cut was as timeless as an ancient totem. Its wings were large enough to blot out the sky. Its plumage was a glistening vermilion that exhibited a dazzling, mirror-like sheen.

The bird was none other than the Vermilion Bird, of course!

After so many years upon Hell King Island, it had finally reached the doorstep of the divine realm. This crucial change had happened half a year ago.

A demigod required fuller intuition of the heavenly dao to attain the first level of godhood. Since its breakthrough, the bird had constantly pursued to make this step as perfectly as possible. 

It was no easy task, of course.

Though it was an ancient sacred bird, it sometimes wondered whether it had reached the extent of its own capabilities. It wouldn’t accept that prospect. Its blood inheritance should have entitled it to far more....

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