Chapter 1792: Crushing the Vermilion Feather

Boss Luo couldn’t be blamed for his misjudgement. Jiang Chen didn’t dress as extravagantly as the geniuses from major factions. He also didn’t act like he wanted the world to know of his superiority.

He looked just like any other wandering cultivator, and he frequented taverns that major faction geniuses considered beneath them.

That was why the Silversword Gang had picked him as their target, seeing him as a cash cow they could freely exploit. 

This was their only ever critical mistake that would lead to their downfall.

“Alright, there’s no use talking about that now. No matter who he is, we’ve made him our enemy. There’s no turning back.” The white-browed old man sighed and waved a hand as he commanded, “Let’s keep going.”

Boss Luo sighed with relief. His biggest worry was the old man would tell them to give up. The Silversword Gang had suffered a great loss....

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