Chapter 1791: Revisiting Hell King Island

Jiang Chen was just getting started. It wasn’t near time to stop. Besides, he’d never intended to make peace with the Silversword Gang.

He’d continue his killing streak until he was satisfied, and until the gang wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone anymore. The way their leader had lost his calm told Jiang Chen that the gang was out of ideas on how to fight back.

They weren’t as strong as he’d thought.

Seeing no signs that Jiang Chen seemed inclined to stop, the gang continuously retreated, but still suffered great casualties in the face of his enormous speed.

The gang leader gnashed his teeth and called out, “You’ve been having a great time killing our members. As long as the Silversword Gang stands, you will be our worst enemy. Warmspring Island will not tolerate your deeds!”

Jiang Chen judged it was about time for the Warmspring authorities to arrive. They must know about the gang’s actions. Perhaps the two were even...

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