Chapter 1790: Barging Through the Front Door

The Silversword Gang’s headquarters was in the Purple Sun District. Though Jiang Chen had no intention of killing everyone there, his frustrations would be unrelieved if he departed now.

Therefore, he wanted to go to the gang’s headquarters to cause them some more trouble. Even if he couldn’t eradicate it totally, he wanted to teach the gangsters a lesson they wouldn’t forget anytime soon.

The Silversword Gang was the lowest of the low.

It was trivial for someone of his abilities to sneak into the Purple Light District. Actually finding the headquarters in question was much harder–or rather, it would’ve been in peacetime. Since the gang had received such alarming news just recently, experts streamed out without cease. 

That made it impossible to miss.

Jiang Chen quickly locked on to a reasonably hidden manor that served as the gang’s hideout. He swept the outside momentarily before deciding to take a blunter approach.

Raising a hand, he produced a magnetic...

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