Chapter 179: The Lord Master's Shock and Handsome Gift

Chapter 179: The Lord Master's Shock and Handsome Gift

Everyone else was thinking similar thoughts, not even mentioning Ye Dai. They were no longer able to find any other evidence to question Jiang Chen with at this moment.

Therefore, they all felt privately depressed. Why hadn’t such marvelous circumstances landed on their heads, but instead fallen on a backwater buffoon like Jiang Chen?

How was the son of a small duke from the Eastern Kingdom worthy of such wondrous encounters?

“If this had landed on my head, I surely would’ve deployed it to greater use, given both my status and identity in the Skylaurel Kingdom, and reached new heights in my development,” they all thought!

It was a pity that such a wondrous opportunity had been given to the minor character of Jiang Chen. This really was a pity.

There was a wry grin on Tutor Ye’s face, “This is to say that the male Phoenix-Dragon that I’ve received is worthless in the end?”

“Not at all. Castrate it, and be done with this once and for all. In reality, most of the Phoenix-Dragons raised by great personages are male. Female Phoenix-Dragons are incredibly rare. To obtain one is absolutely the pinnacle of great fortune. If a male Phoenix-Dragon is used to breed with a female, its only outcome is certain death. If it doesn’t breed, and is castrated and raised further, although it will be slightly different from a female, its bloodline can still evolve as well. This is the bit of experience that countless numbers of seniors have gleaned from tens of thousands of years of actual practice.”

Ye Chonglou sighed, “Being advanced in age is indeed not something to bar one’s ambitions. Your words are greater than a hundred-year study of books. Jiang Chen, this old man has truly gained knowledge from you.”

Everyone beneath the stage was flabbergasted when they heard these words. Were these words really from the honored tutor? The lordmaster was thanking Jiang Chen with the attitude of a student?

This… this was completely unheard of!

“Jiang Chen, I have never liked to owe someone a favor. What I have promised before is immediately in effect. Dan Fei, go and take out the gift that I had prepared previously. Give it to little younger brother Jiang Chen as a token of my gratitude.”

“Jiang Chen, you can also ask a favor of me. I owe you one. No matter what it is that you ask for, I can fulfill it for you as long as it is within the boundaries of the Skylaurel Kingdom.”

Dan Fei smiled slightly as a certain light flashed through her eyes. She looked at Jiang Chen, then turned and walked back inside.

Those beneath the stage, in their jealousy, were all swallowing audibly.

Jiang Chen had convinced the honored tutor with that string of words? The lordmaster was planning on making good on his promise just like that, without even verifying if those words were true or not?!

Jiang Chen also smiled, “Honored tutor, aren’t you going to verify my words? What if I’m conning you?”

“Hahah, if a young man can craft so many perfect lies, then you truly have some skill as well. Even if you’re lying to me, I will readily admit to my gullibility. The longer one lives, the fewer chances there are that one will believe a lie. Jiang Chen, you’ve succeeded regardless of whether or not you have lied to me.”

Jiang Chen laughed involuntarily -- this old tutor was quite something alright. His words were new and interesting, but he also understood the tutor’s meaning afterwards.

The honored tutor was a great person, and it would be difficult to pull the wool over his eyes. He only needed to analyze the various biological reactions of the Phoenix-Dragon in order to prove the veracity of Jiang Chen’s conclusion.

“That brat Jiang Chen actually lulled the honored tutor into believing him with a bit of fine rhetoric! My artfully laid plans have been completely shattered this time! Jiang Chen, you’ve ruined my affairs time and time again. You really can’t be allowed to exist within the Skylaurel Kingdom!” Killing intent exploded from within the heart of first prince Ye Dai.

Lu Wuji was both envious and mad with hate. “This brat Jiang Chen has convinced even the honored tutor? Is the lordmaster decrepit in his old age? How could he believe a tripe like this? This is bad, if Jiang Chen has a thick face and wants the lordmaster to take him as a disciple, wouldn’t that only spell misfortune for me? It will be difficult to oppress him in the future!”

The others all had their own thoughts as well. Some admired Jiang Chen, some held him in contempt. Some felt that he had incredible luck, while others felt that he was a petty little character realizing his ambitions.

Even Ye Rong was half excited and half envious.

He was excited because the person he’d brought this time had completely KO’ed the first prince and his party. He’d thoroughly suppressed the first prince in both segments and made it so that the arrogant first prince couldn’t even raise his head at all.

He was envious about the fact that Jiang Chen had received the honored tutor’s favor. If this favor fell to him, Ye Rong, then it would become a sharp weapon on his path to competing for the title of Crown Prince.

However, although Ye Rong was quite moved, he never thought of seizing this favor from Jiang Chen.

He also knew that he had to maintain harmonious relationships with Jiang Chen and not hostile ones. Ye Rong knew that he would lose out greatly if their relationship soured.

After a while, Dan Fei’s alluring body shape once again walked out from behind the scenes .

“Lordmaster, here is the item.”

Lordmaster Ye waved his hand, “Give it to Jiang Chen.”

Dan Fei nodded and offered the jade tray in her hand to Jiang Chen, “Jiang Chen, this is the Skylaurel Kingdom Medallion. Only one is created every ten years.”

“What? The Skylaurel Kingdom Medallion?” Greedy glints were reflected in the eyes of the sons and disciples of the noble courtiers and officials beneath the stage.

Even the facial expressions of several princes changed slightly.

Never would they have thought that the honored tutor would bring out such a fine gift!

One had to know that even the king of the Skylaurel Kingdom didn’t have the authority to unilaterally award this medallion. The construction of each medallion had to be authorized by both the Precious Tree Sect and Tutor Ye. Only then could the king command its production afterwards. It was only effective after unique marks from all three parties had been imprinted on it.

It was an optimistic way of putting things to say that one of these appeared every ten years. In reality, sometimes thirty years had already passed before someone last received a medallion.

The recipient of the medallion could do as he wished within the Skylaurel Kingdom. He didn’t have to bow when he saw the king and could visit with Tutor Ye whenever he wished to. The most important thing was, although the Skylaurel Kingdom Medallion didn’t guarantee admission into the Precious Tree Sect, it would greatly enhance the bearer’s chances!

There were countless nobles within the Skylaurel Kingdom, but not a single one of them had received a medallion in almost thirty years.

And today, on an occasion like this, one had appeared and been awarded to a young man who had just arrived in the Skylaurel Kingdom less than two months ago.

This scene was as if a heavyweight bomb exploded in everyone’s hearts.

Even the Dragonteeth Guard general, Xin Wudao of the first level spirit realm, was a bit envious of Jiang Chen. His gaze drilled viciously into Jiang Chen.

“I must provoke Jiang Chen to participate in the martial demonstration later and kill him.” Xin Wudao knew that if he didn’t kill Jiang Chen immediately, then it would be difficult to suppress him when his wings filled out.

“Jiang Chen, by what virtue and right are you worthy of the Skylaurel Kingdom Medallion?” A ball of anger burned in first prince Ye Dai’s chest.

Lu Wuji was almost frothing at the mouth with jealousy. “That dumb animal Jiang Chen has seriously good luck! This won’t do, we must find a way for him to die. If Jiang Chen doesn’t die, there will be no way that I’ll be able to find my footing in the capital in the future.”

Even Jiang Chen’s own companions, Tian Shao and Lin Qianli, felt that Jiang Chen truly had good luck in this moment, not to mention those who opposed him.

However, they only admired him and weren’t jealous. After all, they had all basked in Jiang Chen’s glory. If it hadn’t been for Jiang Chen, how would they have the opportunity to receive guidance from the lordmaster?

The person most excited wasn’t Jiang Chen, but Ye Rong instead.

The person he’d brought had received the Skylaurel Kingdom Medallion. This was undisputedly an enormous honor. In the future, others would categorize Jiang Chen as one of Ye Rong’s men.

The stature of his camp would undoubtedly increased markedly with the addition of the medallion, giving him an even higher status with the princes within the capital.

“Jiang Chen, the lordmaster favors you so. The Skylaurel Kingdom Medallion hasn’t appeared in thirty years. You should thank the honored tutor.”

When Ye Rong saw that Jiang Chen’s reaction wasn’t as overjoyed as everyone thought he’d be, he couldn’t help but verbalize a reminder.

Jiang Chen wasn’t haughty and didn’t try to put on a show of declining. He could tell from everyone’s response that this medallion should be something quite useful.

He took the medallion off of the jade tray, “Lordmaster, Jiang Chen accepts this with a stricken conscience.”

The old tutor was in a great mood, “No, no, you should accept this with a clear conscience. Oh right, according to the rules Jiang Chen, you can also request a favor of me. Please speak freely of any hopes or wishes.”

It could be seen that the lordmaster was keenly interested as he once again brought up this matter.

How was this owing someone a favor? He was basically gifting one to Jiang Chen! It was apparent that the lordmaster was truly delighted this time.

That gaze and tone carried a sense of encouragement within it, as if hoping that Jiang Chen would make a request.

Ye Rong caught Jiang Chen’s eye and he curled his fingers slightly, indicating that Jiang Chen should make the request of hailing Ye Chonglou as his master.

Jiang Chen seemed not to see Ye Rong’s movement however, as he smiled, “I can make any request?”

“Haha, nothing is off limits, as long as it is within my power.”

Jiang Chen nodded, “Alright, then I think with the lordmaster’s power and influence, there should be no problem in ordering about the Dragonteeth Guard?”

“The Dragonteeth Guard?” The old tutor was startled and his tone was slightly disappointed.

Dan Fei had been staring at Jiang Chen with her beautiful eyes before as well, her lips twitching slightly, obviously wishing to see what request that Jiang Chen would make.

Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s words, a hard to detect bit of disappointment flashed across her face.

Jiang Chen wasn’t making the request to hail Ye Chonglou as his master?

One had to know that there were countless numbers of people begging and crying to hail the lordmaster as their master. Even the lordmaster’s tone itself carried some hints of it.

Everyone present was wondering if Jiang Chen would ask to hail the honored tutor as his master.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t mention it at all and had brought up the Dragonteeth Guard. Xin Wudao however, suddenly thought of something and his face darkened slightly.

“Lordmaster, two of my men have just arrived in the capital and didn’t know the rules. They were arrested by the Dragonteeth Guard. It isn’t a big deal, but General Xin Wudao has told me that they will be executed without a doubt. I may not know much of the laws of the kingdom, but I had no idea that flying on steeds within the capital is worthy of the death penalty?”

Tian Shao hastened to add on after Jiang Chen’s words, “Unregistered fowl cannot be used for transportation within the capital. However, this isn’t a serious crime. If arrested, the most severe punishment would be fines and detention in jail for three days. If the offense is repeated, then the offender will be jailed for a year.”

The lordmaster finally understood the situation and spoke with a furrowed brow to the first prince, “Ye Dai, look into this matter. Bring his men to me with utmost speed.”

Ye Dai was quite dejected, but how could he say no when the lordmaster himself had spoken?

If he said no, then he’d be disobeying the honored tutor. If he said that he couldn’t interfere with the Dragonteeth Guard, then it would indicate that he was incompetent and didn’t have enough influence. If he couldn’t handle even this matter, then the lordmaster would surely look down upon him.

“Wudao, bring them here now.” Ye Dai pinched his nose and gave Xin Wudao the order.

Xin Wudao was so angry that he almost wanted to spit blood. He had finally gotten a hold of something to hold over Jiang Chen with his arrest of Qiao Shan and Qiao Chuan. He’d been planning on making use of this opportunity in order to suppress Jiang Chen. Who would’ve thought that Jiang Chen would blow some air in front of the honored tutor and lay to rest all his maneuverings in one fell swoop?

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