Chapter 179: The Lord Master's Shock and Handsome Gift

Chapter 179: The Lord Master's Shock and Handsome Gift

Everyone else was thinking similar thoughts, not even mentioning Ye Dai. They were no longer able to find any other evidence to question Jiang Chen with at this moment.

Therefore, they all felt privately depressed. Why hadn’t such marvelous circumstances landed on their heads, but instead fallen on a backwater buffoon like Jiang Chen?

How was the son of a small duke from the Eastern Kingdom worthy of such wondrous encounters?

“If this had landed on my head, I surely would’ve deployed it to greater use, given both my status and identity in the Skylaurel Kingdom, and reached new heights in my development,” they all thought!

It was a pity that such a wondrous opportunity had been given to the minor character of Jiang Chen. This really was a pity.

There was a wry grin on Tutor Ye’s face, “This is to say that the male Phoenix-Dragon that I’ve received is worthless in the end?”

“Not at all. Castrate it, and be done with this once and for all. In reality, most of the Phoenix-Dragons raised by great personages are male. Female Phoenix-Dragons are incredibly rare. To obtain one is absolutely the pinnacle of great fortune. If a male Phoenix-Dragon is used to breed with a female, its only outcome is certain death. If it doesn’t breed, and is castrated and...

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