Chapter 1789: The Silversword Gang

Jiang Chen’s seething desire to kill caused a river of blood to flow in the street. The second wave of attackers was decapitated without exception as well.

The bloody scene scared off the onlookers. They fled in terror, worried they would be swept into the slaughter. However, the young man didn’t lose his reason and refrained from expanding the scope of his killing to the bystanders. Cutting down those who’d harassed him was enough.

A faint smile hung on his face as he swept his gaze across the crowd. Countless fearful eyes all around involuntarily avoided his.

“You, come here.” Jiang Chen beckoned at a young cultivator.

The cultivator in question instantly paled, his teeth chattering.

“Tell me, who are these people?” Jiang Chen turned to consider the corpses.

“T-they… they’re f-from the Silversword Gang,” the young cultivator stuttered.

The Silversword Gang?

Jiang Chen had never heard of the name before. He knew little of Myriad Abyss’ matters; his...

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