Chapter 1787: Setting Off Once Again

Jiang Chen stood at the fringe of the portal and stared at the body of water until it quieted. He sighed softly. They would only be apart temporarily, but it still pained him to send away the woman he loved.

Yan Wanjun smiled slightly. “A man should follow his ambitions. There will be a time for love.”

Yan Qingsang snickered, but surprisingly didn’t say anything.

“Elder Wanjun, I’ve upgraded the formation around the island based on Senior Pei Xing’s designs. It’ll be difficult for even empyrean experts to break in.”

“Good.” Yan Wanjun nodded. “Myriad Abyss Island is in shambles. Winterdraw Island will make a good operations base.”

“I’m entrusting the island to you then, Elder Wanjun.”

“I have no place to call home anyways. I’m more than happy to be able to settle down somewhere.” Yan Wanjun’s tone was mournful. He added, “What are your plans?”

“Returning to Eternal Divine Nation,” Jiang Chen declared with...

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