Chapter 1786: Transportation Formation, Parting Once Again

Yan Qingsang was exuberant to be so lucky as to pick up his grandfather. Since Yan Wanjun’s departure, the young man had been concerned about his grandfather’s well-being on the road. There was also House Yan’s bounty hanging over the elder’s head.

To think that his grandfather had been so close all this time, watching over and protecting him all the while!

He was both touched and contrite.

His grandfather had been the one to raise him since childhood. Yan Qingsang had a very strong relationship with the old man. As for his own parents, he didn’t know them much at all and felt barely anything for them. They’d long been stationed to some unimportant locale due to their excessively weak martial dao talent, and didn’t have many opportunities to meet with their son.

Therefore, Yan Qingsang thought of his grandfather as a parent much more than his actual parents.

Huang’er greeted her grandfather graciously as well. “Hello, grandfather.”

Tender affection shone forth from Yan Wanjun’s eyes. There was...

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