Chapter 1784: An Uprising Brews

Two out of four of the group were dead by now, leaving only Elder Xu and Split-Lip panicking in the formation. The deaths of their companions pulled the rug out from beneath them and sapped their will to fight back.

Split-Lip exclaimed, “We surrender! We surrender!”

Elder Xu’s face turned grey in despair. He silently agreed to his companion’s show of submission. 

Their fates were in Jiang Chen’s hands. He wasn’t going to let them off the hook just because they’d surrendered.

“It’s wise of you to recognize your failure. Now, tell me, which faction do you belong to?” he asked nonchalantly. “Remember, you can’t afford to lie to me.”

Split-Lip raised both his hands in the air and yelped, “I’ll tell you! We’re from the Cloudwave Sect.”

“The Cloudwave Sect?” Jiang Chen frowned as he thought back to Shen Fan, his opponent in the third round of the sword competition. He had been from the Cloudwave Sect as well and hadn’t bothered to conceal his hostility towards Jiang Chen....

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