Chapter 1781: Jiang Chen’s Preparations

Jiang Chen’s amazing performance had salvaged the sacred land’s reputation and pride. Just about every young genius celebrated joyously with great delight. 

Instead of losing himself to the euphoria, Jiang Chen was unusually calm. Once seated, Yan Qingsang noticed the concerned lines on his face. “Brother, you look worried. Is winning over Xiahou Zong not enough to make you happy? You’ve won the love of your life!”

Huang’er noted his unusual state as well. She looked at him tenderly.

“Things have settled down now, Huang’er. Are you interested in returning to the human domain?” Jiang Chen asked out of the blue.

“The human domain?” Yan Qingsang exclaimed in surprise. “Huang’er has finally regained her freedom with Xiahou Zong’s death. She’s no less talented than Yan Zhenhuai. It’s finally her time to shine. Won’t it be a shame for her to return to the human domain now?”

He was talking about...

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