Chapter 1780: Just That Domineering

However, it was undeniable that in killing Xiahou Zong, Shao Yuan had more than proven himself an undeniable existence not only among the youths, but in the entire divine nation.

He may be too young to rival the true figureheads yet, and was far from the level of advanced empyrean experts. But given the astounding speed at which he progressed, it was possible he’d be on the same level as the masters in a few years.

Thus, It wasn’t that inappropriate for him to speak to the patriarch of House Yan in this manner.

Patriarch Yan trembled in fury and snapped, “Shao Yuan, you’re the champion of the sword competition, but you’re not yet the foremost of the nation. It’s too arrogant for you to talk to me like that. Aren’t you afraid that your cockiness is going to get you killed?”

He rarely showed any flashes of temper, and wouldn’t have said that if he hadn’t lost control of his emotions.

The first prime’s expression turned frosty. “Patriarch...

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