Chapter 1779: Just Letting You Know

Xiahou Zong’s death had a bigger impact than many expected. Everyone from House Xiahou was reeling from the loss and couldn’t pick themselves up.

“What should we do, Patriarch? Xiahou Zong was a reincarnated god. Can he be revived?” Xiahou Zhen was still clinging to his last shred of hope.

Duke Xiaoyao croaked out, “If there’s even a wisp of his soul left, a god incarnate can be resurrected. However, Shao Yuan seemed to know that as well. He was thorough when killing Xiahou Zong and decimated his soul completely. Clearly, he’s adept at killing. He has more practical experience in battle than Xiahou Zong.”

Duke Xiaoyao sighed with melancholy.

Xiahou Zong was the pillar of the family. He was their future, the driver of everything the family was pursuing. Everyone was united behind the goal of laying down foundations for Xiahou Zong. Once he’d matured, he’d be given the reigns to the family and lead them...

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