Chapter 1778: A Hero’s Welcome

Even now, many had yet to recover from their shock. What had just transpired was rather difficult to accept. How could Xiahou Zong—god incarnate, genius extraordinaire—die just like that?

It had all happened too quickly.

If they hadn’t witnessed his gory death themselves, they wouldn’t have believed it had actually happened. As it was, they still questioned if they were hallucinating.

Who had thought the arrogant top genius would die in the fight?

He was the best of the best in the nation, always miles ahead of his peers. How could he be killed so easily?

They disbelieved what their eyes told them, but everything about his death was undeniable.

Only when Jiang Chen walked offstage with killing intent still lingering did everyone actually believe that indeed, Xiahou Zong was dead!

All of the participants fixed their gazes on Jiang Chen, their eyes brimming with fearful respect. The unbeatable genius...

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