Chapter 1777: Exterminating Xiahou Zong

Surprisingly, Xiahou Zong was a bit slow on the uptake. His status as the foremost genius of his generation had given him an inborn superiority when facing cultivators around his age.

This pride helped nurture a robust self-confidence in normal situations. But when it flared up in a situation that didn’t warrant it, the disadvantage it offered was equally fatal.

When the arrogant genius did react, it was already too late. His four demons were completely locked down by the Confounding Puppets, while more and more magnetic soldiers and golden monsters rushed into the field to assist.

The four demons couldn’t deal with a situation like this despite their raw power.

A magnetic storm was an impeding force to be reckoned with. Under normal conditions, the soldiers and monsters wouldn’t last a single sortie from the demons.

Even the four puppets would have a hard time preventing them from retreating. Perhaps the projections wouldn’t be able to destroy...

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