Chapter 1776: Struggles of a Cornered Beast

The four demons and the four puppets joined in battle.

The former were clearly superior in battle ferocity. As vessels of a demon god’s consciousness, they were superior to puppets whose full potentials were yet untapped.

When Jiang Chen controlled four puppets in tandem, he could only deploy initial empyrean realm fighting ability. This put the puppets at a disadvantage against the four demons.

Still, he had his own unique strength in the Nine Labyrinth Formation. Activating it meant taking control of this entire space.

Xiahou Zong was too drunken with gratification to realize the danger he was in, and Jiang Chen found no reason to remind his opponent. Instead, he continued to set up the field with magnetic storms. The Earth Bodhisattva Orb was delegated to subterranean offense, while the Heavenly Chalice Sword Formation was ready to attack both land and air.

By preparing a three-pronged attack, he was going to wipe Xiahou Zong off the...

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