Chapter 1775: The Situation Changes

Everyone was transfixed by the fight. Even the densest mind could tell things weren’t going as expected.

The battle wasn’t at all a one-sided slaughter. Xiahou Zong hadn’t gain the upper hand a single time since the match had started. The top genius was in unprecedented trouble. How were things unfolding like this?

Even Xiahou Zong’s most devoted supporters began to waver. These observations were a stark contrast from their expectations. Given the circumstances, what were the odds that Xiahou Zong would be able to defeat Shao Yuan?

They weren’t as powerful as Xiahou Zong, but their eyes were keen enough to tell that Xiahou Zong had given up on his usual tactics and opted for techniques he’d never showed in public before. The summons was a powerful move that had clearly taken a toll on him.

When they’d first felt the formidable presence of the four demon gods, they’d thought that...

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