Chapter 1774: Better By a Marked Margin

“Amazing. Simply amazing!” Yan Qingsang punched the chair beside him in excitement.

It was cathartic to see Xiahou Zong taken down a notch. No one had ever fathomed something like this could happen, but deep in his heart, Yan Qingsang had always been hopeful.

Jiang Chen had indeed created a miracle!

Though Xiahou Zong wasn’t yet defeated, he’d been proven to be not as invincible as the stories made him out to be. Maybe he’ll end up like his Infernal Sunflower!

The first prime’s eyes shone brightly. Even someone as experienced as she couldn’t fully contain her excitement.

Anyone with eyes could see the Eternal Sacred Land had been treated unfairly in the competition. She had remained silent for the greater good, but wasn’t about to just let this blow over.

It was a wondrous surprise that Shao Yuan could go head to head with Xiahou Zong to this extent. It...

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