Chapter 1773: Who’s Stronger

Having long since erupted in open hostilities, there was no courtesy at all in their exchange.

Xiahou Zong hated Jiang Chen’s contemptuous tone and demeanor the most. Only he was allowed to throw that kind of attitude around! 

Who had ever dared publicly disrespect him, his treasures and abilities before?

Moreover, he considered the Infernal Sunflower one of his trump cards. In his usual matches against young geniuses of his generation, he typically refrained from using it.

He’d brought it out in order to utterly crush his opponent through its intimidation and bloodlust, but nothing had gone according to plan at all. Instead, he had been ridiculed by the young man that he bitterly hated.

Xiahou Zong was truly frustrated now.

“You’re a master at talking smack, kid. But do you think you’ll escape the reach of the Infernal Sunflower with just talk?”

He couldn’t hold his anger...

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