Chapter 1772: To Give Tit for Tat

Truth be told, most hadn't anticipated the parity of the two competitors’ eye arts.

Xiahou Ying’s pout was pronounced enough to hang a coat on. She’d wanted to admire her brother making mincemeat out of Shao Yuan, but the familiar sight of his victory hadn't come.

The Scorching Sun Eye was one of Xiahou Zong’s most proficient arts. Who would’ve expected Xiahou Zong not to gain an inch in a contest involving it?

Eye arts were one of the most technical and involved of all martial skills. They required not only the arts themselves, but strength of cultivation and consciousness as well. They needed all three components to be deployed at peak power. When perfected, an ocular skill used the cultivator’s consciousness to strike down their enemy.

What was up with Shao Yuan? Tying with Xiahou Zong was no easy feat.

Xiahou Ying almost wanted to head into the ring to help her brother.

Nearby, Duke Xiaoyao and Xiahou Zhen traded...

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