Chapter 1771: Battle of the Eye Arts, Again

Having been the foremost genius for a long time in this nation, Xiahou Zong’s pride and confidence was at an indescribable peak. But, the general public had to admit that he had a good reason for his stance.

The ant and tree analogy, well…

Before now, no one had thought much of Jiang Chen—the sacred land’s first prime included. The only exception was Jiang Chen himself.

“A great tree can be felled by only an axe, Xiahou Zong. Perhaps you’re a great tree among the geniuses of this nation, but I will be the edge that cuts you down! Your absurd ego and vanity must be destroyed. Only then can the rest of the geniuses enjoy a clear sky, free from your cloying canopy.”

As he concluded, Jiang Chen shot a potent ray out of his Evil Golden Eye. The radiant strike burst forth thickly with commanding sharpness. He had chosen to use his eye arts from the outset.

“I hear that you use an ocular skill as well. The...

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