Chapter 1770: Perpetuation of Grudges and Resentment

The first prime seemed to have sunk into a meditative state that allowed her to ignore the host’s provocative dishonesty.

Many were curious as to what was happening. 

Wasn’t the Eternal Sacred Land supposed to be the prevailing authority? Why was the autocratic first prime suddenly silent when obviously targeted and suppressed? This didn’t seem typical sacred land style at all.

The other matches were no longer interesting. The audience focused on the fight between Xiahou Zong and Jiang Chen.

Meanwhile, everyone on the sacred land’s side was furious. The cheating was far too obvious! Was the imperial family trumpeting their own clout to the sacred land?

Yan Qingsang had mixed feelings at the moment. On one hand, he wanted Jiang Chen to pull off a miracle and smother Xiahou Zong’s arrogance. On the other, he was far too wary of Xiahou Zong to think that Jiang Chen could do that with any ease.

“Brother, Xiahou...

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