Chapter 177: Jiang Chen Makes His Move

Chapter 177: Jiang Chen Makes His Move

It actually wasn’t that Jiang Chen was purposefully picking a bone with Ye Dai, but rather that the first prince had provoked him and attempted to force him to submit over and over again.

Jiang Chen didn’t want to cause trouble, but he couldn’t hold up beneath the repeated provocation from these fellows.

Naturally, he didn’t mind when they labelled him as a village buffoon, but he truly loathed and detested the first prince’s lofty sense of superiority.

This sense of disdain had once appeared with regards to Long Juxue and the sect disciples of the Purple Sun Sect. It was appearing once again with the group around the first prince.

They were acting as if they were the venerated children of heaven so everyone else should naturally be their targets of abuse and humiliation, and stepped on beneath their feet!

What Jiang Chen abhorred most were idiots who obviously amounted to nothing, but loved pretending that they were the proud children of heaven.

If one was talking about geniuses, or favored geniuses of the gods, who had more right to be labelled thus other than Jiang Chen, who was the son of the Celestial Emperor in his past life!

However, Jiang Chen had never said he was a genius, and never used a lofty, holier-than-thou attitude to lord it over everyone el...

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