Chapter 1769: The Destined Battle

The spirit of a Raging Serpent was Shen Fan’s most powerful move. Its failure was the last straw that made his dao heart waver.

The audience marveled at what they saw.

“Are you seeing this? What is that?”

“I think that’s the projection of a true dragon.”

“Is Shao Yuan a descendent of a true dragon? He wouldn’t be able to use its bloodline otherwise.”

“The dragon bloodline is one of the most powerful bloodlines there is! There hasn’t been anyone of a pure dragon bloodline in Myriad Abyss, has there?”

“No, there hasn’t been any… There’ve been a few instances, but their bloodlines were diluted or impure.”

“Who would’ve thought that Shao Yuan is from a line of true dragons? This is crazy!”

“The sacred land is the sacred land after all. Their ability to excavate geniuses is a...

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