Chapter 1768: Tremble, Raging Serpent!

Shen Fan’s speed of attack increased even further. He didn’t believe that Shao Yuan could overcome the limitations of the arena. He firmly believed that if he waved his whip more quickly, he would eventually catch up.

Furthermore, he had created powerful turbulence in the entire area. How could his opponent move around freely under these tempestuous circumstances?

He made all attempts to push his own limits. As long as he could cover the field with attacks, where would his enemy hide?

“What good will hiding do you, kid? Come out and fight!” Shen Fan grumbled loudly, his voice agitated. Clearly, the minimal effectiveness of his attempts upset him somewhat. Rather than genuine anger though, his pride was wounded.

He’d already brought out his Raging Serpent’s Whip—shouldn’t he have won easily after that? Why couldn’t he just kill his opponent a...

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