Chapter 1767: Raging Serpent’s Whip

Teach me a lesson?

Jiang Chen burst into laughter at the absurdity of the statement.

His bout with Wu You earlier might not have been a spectacular display of technique, so ordinary folks wouldn’t have gleaned much from it. However, this guy wasn’t much stronger than Wu You… so where did his confidence come from? Did he not like to use his brain?

“I am Shen Fan, the top genius of the Cloudwave Sect.” The young man in question tossed Jiang Chen a contemptuous look. “In Eternal Divine Nation, I admire only one personbig brother Xiahou Zong. Since you’ve offended him, you’re automatically my enemy. I will deign to teach you how big the world really is!”

“You?” Jiang Chen’s eyes narrowed. “Teach me about the size of the world? What would you know about it?”

“Tsk tsk, I know why big brother Xiahou hates you so much. You’re such an...

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