Chapter 1765: A Brutal Xiahou Zong

Those eager to plumb the depths of Jiang Chen’s strength couldn’t help being disappointed. If the young man could only go neck and neck with Wu You, he was far from good enough. Although Wu You was one of the Five Great Gentlemen, even the best of the five was nowhere close to Xiahou Zong’s level. On top of that, Wu You wasn’t even the strongest at all.

While appearances could be deceiving, there seemed a long way to go before Shao Yuan could go head to head with the greatest genius, even if he seemed competent enough.

Shao Yuan’s fight with Wu You attracted a lot of attention, even more so than Xiahou Zong’s match. The Xiahou genius was going to win no matter who his opponent was, while Shao Yuan’s fight would test his true abilities. Everyone wanted to see for themselves how good Xiahou Zong’s challenger was.

Venerated Elder Xiahou Zhen scoffed...

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