Chapter 1764: Dark Horses Upon Dark Horses

The two rounds of elimination matches were actually for the underdogs whom people had low expectations of. Yan Qingsang had been placed in that category.

After ascending to empyrean realm, he’d improved more than he expected with the training regime that Jiang Chen had designed. He crushed his foes and entered the next stage with no difficulty at all.

It was clear that Yan Qingsang had gone into the elimination matches angry, thinking himself dismissed by others. The selection process should be for young disciples from the second and third tier factions, not a member of the sacred land like him.

He didn’t know why he’d been singled out, but his instincts told him that it was on purpose.

His actions made his objection clear, even if he didn’t file a formal complaint.

By dealing with his two foes efficiently, he was declaring to the imperial...

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