Chapter 1762: Geniuses Gather

No one could fault the Eternal Sacred Land for being late or the last to arrive. It had always been the true ruler and foundation of the nation, enjoying a bevy of special benefits. In fact, some thought that the sacred land’s tardiness was intentional in order to fully display its exclusivity.

Jiang Chen was different from the other geniuses in that he focused his consciousness inwards as to conceal his true strength. Meanwhile, his fellows showed off their power for all to see, wanting everyone to acknowledge their strength.

Since all the teams had arrived, everyone was led to a predesignated area. The emperor himself served as the host for this tournament. This was most luxurious treatment indeed. No tournament of geniuses had ever personally seen an emperor as its host before.

This emperor in particular seemed to treat the Eternal Sacred Land with great deference. “First Prime, shall we begin?” he asked...

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