Chapter 1761: Exit From Closed Door Cultivation!

Ziju Min mused silently. He hadn’t paid that much attention to Yan Qingsang and only remembered the young man as part of the package deal from when Jiang Chen joined the sacred land.

He didn’t look down on the young man, but given Yan Qingsang’s level of talent and fame, it’d be close to impossible for him to gain one of the remaining four spots.

But Yan Qingsang had surprised Ziju Min in ascending to empyrean realm. “Qingsang, your past self would have no chance of participating in the sword competition. Even if you managed to get in, you’d end up being everyone’s punching bag.”

“Yes,” admitted Yan Qingsang. Before meeting Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t even be able to secure a spot in House Yan, let alone in the sacred land. Now, however, he was a changed man.

He may not be experienced enough compared to his peers in the sacred land, but he was...

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