Chapter 176: The Cocky and Bullying Genius Sect Disciple

Chapter 176: The Cocky and Bullying Genius Sect Disciple

Jiang Chen didn’t know why either, he just felt uncommonly pissed off at Han Xianke. Perhaps it was because he had that arrogant, lofty air about him that sect disciples commonly had. Or maybe it was because of his humiliation of the Qingyang Valley.

Old man Fei from the Qingyang Valley was now Jiang Chen’s servant at the very least. The middle aged fatty was obviously one of old man Fei’s. Jiang Chen was naturally ticked off to see him shamed.

One had to see who the dog’s owner was before beating it, no?

The middle aged fatty was from the Qingyang Valley and thus, he was one of old man Fei’s men. The latter was now one of Jiang Chen’s servants.

Although the follower of a servant had no status, Jiang Chen didn’t want to see someone else being all hoity toity and running rampant over the fatty.

When he heard Dan Fei’s words, Han Xianke smiled reservedly and took a step back, “Forget it, I don’t like to be associated with trash. Let them go first! If they can handle it, then it isn’t a big problem. I’ll take action if they can’t handle it.”

Although sect disciples had all sorts of strange and eccentric tempers, they would also be a bit bizarrely proud at certain times. Take Han Xianke...

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