Chapter 1758: Duke Xiaoyao

Xiahou Zhen felt rather embarrassed. He’d gone to threaten House Yan in person. As a venerated elder of House Xiahou, he had always felt a natural superiority when it came to the other house. Thus, he had thought the Yan patriarch would carry out his orders unerringly.

But Yan Wanjun had disappeared!

I was deceived by House Yan’s patriarch. His demands had not been met, which was more than enough reason to be angry.

“Calm down, everyone. I was responsible for this matter all along. Since House Yan’s patriarch has decided to be rebellious, I will clean up my mess.” It was Xiahou Zhen’s principle to be a responsible man.

“There’s not much point in killing a few from House Yan now, venerated elder,” Xiahou Zong remarked coolly.

“What do you mean, ‘not much point’? We must drill the consequences of disrespecting House Xiahou into those Yan numbskulls.”

“Do you think it fruitless...

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