Chapter 1757: The Capital Seethes With Excitement

Though Yan Qingsang was loath to leave, the two young men departed Cloud Camel Mountain the very next day. Not long after that, Yan Wanjun temporarily dismissed his subordinates and left a letter in his residence before disappearing as well.

It wasn’t until several days later that the rest of House Yan discovered his withdrawal. The letter was delivered to the local elder in charge, Elder Liang, as soon as it was found.

The elder paled after perusing the letter’s contents. Venerated elder Yan Wanjun had left Cloud Camel Mountain. From what the letter indicated, he seemed to be separating from House Yan as well, at least for the short term. The reason given was quite nebulous, which Elder Liang couldn’t make heads or tails of.

The letter was quickly sent back to House Yan’s headquarters. The patriarch smashed his fist into the tea table as soon as he read the missive, instantly disintegrating the expensive furniture.

“Yan Wanjun, Yan Wanjun!...

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