Chapter 1756: No Small Harvest

Little White chuckled at Jiang Chen’s words. “Young master Chen, I was afraid of touching these crystals before I reached empyrean realm. But now? I can handle a bit here and there, no problem. I’ll need them to cultivate anyways! If you like ‘em, I can get a few for you right now. What colors would you like?”

“All of them,” Jiang Chen laughed. “As many as you can.”

“Sure thing. Leave it to me!” Little White pranced about in its excitement. Each jump was accompanied by a swipe of its expert claw. Prismatic crystals were continually dug out from the rocky ground.

Without Little White’s correct methods of excavation, an unwary miner would be cut to shreds by the light, as the crystals contained natural restrictions. The tiger, on the other hand, was an obvious professional.

In about two hours, several dozen crystals were between Little White’s paws. The crystals scattered in their immediate surroundings had all been dredged up.

“Without opening up...

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