Chapter 1755: Little White Breaks Through

With pressure came motivation. Whether he could pull third level empyrean realm off or not, Jiang Chen felt he had to try for it. In a place like Myriad Abyss, sometimes raw strength was the most convincing factor.

“My body and consciousness both far surpass cultivators of a similar level. Therefore, I can easily sustain the rigors of continuous breakthrough. What I do lack are necessary resources…”

Each step forward in empyrean required an astronomical amount of supplies. Jiang Chen had some handy, but not nearly enough for him to ascend through again and again.

Back in the Bluesmoke Isles, he’d gotten his hands on many pieces of ancient Bluesmoke Jade. He hadn’t managed to exploit all of their value yet. If he sold them all, he would receive more than enough resources in return for him to break through to mid empyrean realm.


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