Chapter 1754: A Decision

Just as Jiang Chen had thought, Wang Jing was found dead near his residence in a couple hours. Whoever murdered him hadn’t had time to destroy his body yet.

The truth was very clear by now.

No matter how hard Yan Wanjun tried to stay positive, he couldn’t deny the ugly facts that someone had set him up.

He stared at Wang Jing’s body with a dark expression and called all his personal guards back. He was the target of this conspiracy, and the perpetrator was obviously highly skilled. His guards might not fare well against the culprit.

Noting the elder’s dejection, Jiang Chen tried to comfort him. “Elder Wanjun, you have to stay strong.”

Yan Wanjun scoffed. “I’ve devoted myself to the house my whole life, and this is what I end up with? Abandoned and crossed off after I have no more value?”

Jiang Chen didn’t know what to say as he understood how Yan Wanjun felt. Anything...

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