Chapter 1753: A Broken-Hearted Yan Wanjun

“Blackjade Coralplum by itself isn’t harmful, but it’s highly malleable, and there’s a recessive attribute to it. Does Elder Wanjun know that spirit alchemists often use the Coralplum to refine poisons?”

“Poison?” A stilted smile appeared on Yan Wanjun’s face. “Even if it’s an ingredient for poison, it’s not harmful as long as it’s not processed, is it?”

“That’s not entirely true,” Jiang Chen said faintly. “Its recessive attribute makes it the perfect catalyst to bring out other herbs’ toxicity, and the Coralplum can incorporate a great variety of herbs to create potent poisons. No processing is needed. Simply place the two herbs near each other, and their energy will mix in the air to produce strong poisonous substances.”

Realization struck Yan Wanjun, pulling out the rug from beneath him. A trace of shock flashed through his...

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