Chapter 1752: Blackjade Coralplum

The servants stopped what they were doing to greet Jiang Chen. They had been told by their superiors that Jiang Chen was a surveying expert, here to canvass Cloud Camel Mountain. He had free access to the elder’s manor. Someone like him naturally warranted their respect.

Once inside, Jiang Chen asked, “Is the elder here today?”

“Yes, he hasn’t left the manor.”

“Welcome back, sir.”

Jiang Chen nodded and made his way to Yan Wanjun’s residence. With the pass and the elder’s explicit order, the servants let Jiang Chen enter without a word and nodded at him in a slightly fawning manner.

Jiang Chen observed them discreetly and relaxed a little when he noted nothing unusual about their expressions.

Unlike Yan Wanjun, he wasn’t as optimistic that House Yan wouldn’t target the elder. Yan Wanjun’s actions must have angered the patriarch....

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