Chapter 1751: A Promise

However, Jiang Chen couldn’t easily make a move at this point. He knew full well that he didn’t know much about treasures like these. If he acted rashly, he would bring great disaster down on himself. Even he might be defenseless before an active light field.

The memories from his previous life weren’t omnipotent. They paled before life-threatening danger.

The Astral White Tiger’s eyes glowed with vigor. It seemed very confident and excited.

Jiang Chen’s confidence was bolstered somewhat when he saw the ease of his companion. He knew that many things in the world had natural affinities and oppositions. This place might be extremely perilous for most, but Astral White Tigers favored such harrowing habitats. Understandable, because they embodied murder itself.

In the subterranean world, the Astral White Tiger leaped about with meticulous rhythm. Its...

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