Chapter 1750: A Frightening Earthen Vein

If not for the Boulder’s Heart and especially robust consciousness, Jiang Chen would’ve retreated from the depths of Cloud Camel Mountain like any other.

The atmosphere was cloying and uncomfortable here, possessing an edge that made him anxious and on edge just for spending a bit of time here.

“Now I know why House Yan has that kind of attitude towards this place. The simple act of living nearby is an endeavor in itself.” The further Jiang Chen walked, the more his scalp tingled.

There should have been many malevolent beings living in a place with such densely terrifying killing intent. However, he didn’t see a single living thing on his way in.

Not even one. Even the smallest rabbit or squirrel was absent. Each plant that grew embodied the murderous atmosphere hanging in the air. Not that they presented any lethal threat, but rather, they’d...

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